Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Vinyls 1: The Clown (Charles Mingus)

For my 29th birthday I was offered a vinyl player, and a copy of the beautiful album "The Clown" by Mingus. So I guess it's my turn to have my share of the vinyl comeback madness that has been going since these last couple of years.

The album is composed of two tracks on each side, and includes two of my favorite Mingus tunes: the uncompromising Haitian Fight Song, and Reincarnation Of A Lovebird (my first encounter with Mingus was through this incredible ode to Charlie Parker that we have played a couple of times over the last year, although I must say pretty disappointingly) . The other two songs are Blue Cee, a blues in C (although I think they switch to Bb and back) and the title track The Clown which, according to wikipedia "[.. ]tells the story of a clown who tried to please people like most jazz musicians do, but whom nobody liked until he was dead. [Mingus'] version of the story ended with his blowing his brains out with the people laughing and finally being pleased because they thought it was part of the act. [He] liked the way Jean changed the ending; leaves it more up to the listener."

There is a peculiarity on the cover of my copy: The Atlantic 1260 part below the image is missing. Maybe the image above that I took from wikipedia is from an earlier -or later for that matter- print.