Friday, September 29, 2006

In Paris...

Finally I' m in Paris looking for an appartement, I' ve started my job, it' s fine and all. I finished this weeks work, so I decided to continue my own programming project. It' s basically a small tool that connects to MSN Spaces, gets the list of updated sites then goes in all these sites and grabs some photos and shows it to you. So, if you like see a sexy girl among these photos you can go to her space, see more photos, etc. I' m thinking of expanding the idea into building a database, and making the program run as a background process all the time without interfering with other programs. When I finish it I' ll try to put it here so you can have a try :)

So what about Paris?

It is beautiful, the people are not that hard to cope with, not for me anyway, being from a french high school and university I am used to their ways. I still can' t beleive I suck at french though... Ah there is one more thing, my office is crowded with Turkish people so I' m not really speaking french here. But in the evenings I try to meet as many french people and talk to them. French girls are usually really beautiful and intelligent, so no problems there...

I' m having a difficult time trying to go to sleep lately, I don' t know why. Maybe it' s the excessive amount of coffee I' m drinking, and I really never drink coffee normally.

This is all for the time being,

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back in Istanbul!
The trip with Paul Duda was an experience i' ll never forget. He' s a very accomplished artist and a remarkable person to hang around with. I guess he shares my idea that we should' ve met much earlier.
All my friends here in Istanbul told me that I had changed since the last time they saw me. Especially after the accident (i crashed in the back of a tractor while speeding over 150 km/h), i felt something in the way at i look at life has radically changed. It' s like being freed from all ambitions, earthly things. Now the chatter i have with my friends, the smile of a beautiful woman, a small conversation with an old man is a real joy; the sound of my guitar, the taste of guinness, orgasm...
At the moment i' m getting ready to move to Paris. Next week, most probably I will have started my new job. I was looking forward to this the last couple of months, but now I find it hard to leave all these friends and this beautiful city behind. Still, it will be a great experience for me :)
By the way, those of you who are into jazz, check out guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel RIGHT NOW! He is by far the most interesting guitar player of our time...

Anyway, take care all, with peace,


Monday, August 21, 2006

Hi, this is the blog i started mostly to keep in touch with my foreign friends. I will post news about myself and what' s going on around me. I will also post programs, mostly small tools that make things easier for you guys to try. By the way, you can always email me and ask me for this stuff, i will be happy to try and help you out.

Anyway, things are quite hectic at the moment, i' m travelling with Paul Duda, a great photographer from New Haven. It' s 3 o' clock local time and have to get up like 6 o' clock tomorrow. So, see you later :)

By the way, my msn space link is this. It' s mosly in turkish but there are photos that are regularly updated so check that out as well...